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New rules for a new era

Next week, Dublin will host a key conference with tax advisers, government officials, and revenue authorities from 25 countries to discuss the business models and their risk frameworks against the new global tax principles.

This event will occur at Dublin Castle from 9th-11th March and is result of the publication of the framework for participation of non-OECD and G20 members in the OECD Committee on Fiscal Affairs.

According to Irish Tax Institute communications director Olivia Buckley :“Multinational guest speakers at the conference will be talking about how they’re dealing with the new tax landscape and the increasing demand for tax transparency. With so much focus coming on country by country reporting, we are truly entering a new era in tax.”

Ireland is reference for a low tax rate, as for corporations is 12.5% and only charges a corporate tax rate of 6.25% for revenue tied to a company’s patent or intellectual property. Some taxation exemptions, such as offshore revenue tax exemptions, have been a policy since the 1950s. In this context, with future global changes, the Irish market will also suffer updates.



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